TenderCuts Apk- Farm Fresh Meat & Fresh Fish


TenderCuts Apk, TenderCuts Apk- Farm Fresh Meat & Fresh Fish

TenderCuts was born of the vision to provide fresh, quality meat in line with WHO standards, the desire to bring back the real taste of meat, and to give people unlimited choice, of meats, cuts and flavors, in the comfort of the their home.

TenderCuts is committed to delivering farm fresh, healthy and hygienically processed meat right to your doorstep in 120 minutes.

We offer multiple categories in one click of the app
Antibiotic free Chicken: Multiple cuts like Chicken currry cut, Chicken biriyani cut, Chicken breast boneless, chicken wings, Chicken drumstick, chicken lollipop, kadaknath chicken and so much more.

Goat & Lamb: Fresh mutton, Rib chops, Boneless lamb.

Seafood: Enjoy a whole range of fresh fish like Seer, Salmon, Catla, Rohu, Black Pomfret, prawns, crabs and so much more.

Marinates: Our expert chefs provide your with a choice of pre-marinated meat which is ready to cook. Spicy lomone chicken, madras chicken 65, malai tikka

Deals: Enjoy weekly deals

All our meat is 100% freshly cut and freshly packed from your nearby store and delivered fresh to you within 120 mins. Our meat is halal cut and 100% natural

– Currently serving all over Chennai & Hyderabad


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