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Namasthe Telangana is destined to lead the individuals from lie to Truth, from haziness to light, with everlasting objective. Where untruths became thing to address, where mutilations rule the legislative issues and media, where truth is being smothered for the ride, there raises the space and revolt. Space and revolt makes history. History requires new voices and gatherings.

Namasthe Telangana Telugu Daily destined to first light ‘that verifiable need’. So far Telangana individuals heard and saw through the eyes and ears of Seemandhra Media. Presently Telangana individuals will see through their own eyes and hear through their own ears. It uncovers the accounts covered under the social foundation of different media. It changes the history, culture and age old rich customs of Telangana individuals. It retells

the foul play done to the area. Namasthe Telangana will voice the worries, goals and desire of Telangana individuals.

It won’t be the simply one more paper. It is intended to appear as something else, complete and most well known paper of Telangana. Just not political news with Telangana hint, sports, business, film, highlights and Sunday magazine… .all the fixings will be a piece of the paper. Namasthe Telangana intended to be unrivaled in innovation, quality and substance. It’s destined to arrive at the most extreme number of Telangana masses. We intend to have 7 releases in the Telangana Region with an Estimated print run of more than 6 lacs. It will hit the stands with a huge explosion in the following barely any weeks. Namasthe Telangana on its approach to arrive at the perusers is outfitted with exceptional and vigorous innovation at standard with the most recent and creative patterns of Newspaper Industry. First look, which makes interest among the perusers, ought to be durable. Namasthe Telangana stands positive towards nature of creation, actualizing condition of craftsmanship innovation in the creation of the paper.

Top quality press machines from Manugraph and Orient, most recent PC to-plate frameworks, helping speed interchanges and first of its sort IT foundation in a Daily are the piece of its ammo. An expertly very much experienced group gave and committed to accomplish extraordinary quality drives the creation chariot resolutely to meet the perusers desire. Namasthe Telangana guarantees its perusers a new and wonderful look each day.

Extraordinary compared to other Telugu news.

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