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The Telangana Prodigy Movement pioneer, Telangana Nationalist KCR drove by Telangana from April 14, 2001 to 14″. TRS KCR is the main government under the initiative of the Telangana individuals’ karma.

From the primary day of the development of the Telangana express, all the government assistance plans of the individuals are the perfect of the nation for the government assistance plans of the house driller Mission Bhagiratha, to build the groundwater in each town, 24 km to the lake and turmeric development without any cashews, nonstop free force and homestead suicides no longer exist in Telangana state 8 section of land to give KSK pack for bringing certainty up in the administration emergency clinics, for every one of the ladies, to give vocation to each recipient to KG To TG for lunch at Kalyan Lakshmi, Shadi Mubarak, Government Schools and Colleges. , BCC, Minority Residential Schools, Self-regarded Double Bedroom, Industrial Development T-center point for T-PAC in 15 days, T-center for IT improvement, 3 sections of land of land for ranchers, rancher protection, wellbeing grants, grants, eye lighting, non-degenerate administration, new areas, zones and town governments KCR is another state as Bangaru Telangana course of action.

TRS YOUTUBE CHANNEL, BANGARU TELANGANA APP The TRS will give full attention to all segments of the TRS through different social vote based systems, empowering particular battle laborers in each town to take the products of government assistance plans to general society through the usage of TRS government targets and government assistance plans headed by Chief Minister KCR, Watching, government assistance conspires The TRS government’s endeavors to execute the TRS government’s accomplishments to the individuals and the Telangana exertion to tell the state initiative the exercises completed by TRS activists


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