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tamil kamakathakikaltamil 2019 apk download This Tamil Story app will inspire you to read every story related to non-morality, which will improve your personality. This will be a great gift for parents when choosing an app for kids while sleeping. The application contains more than 400 Tamil stories in 16 categories The list of categories included is:

  1. The story of Aesop
  2. Puzzle story
  3. Mallick’s story
  4. Comedy stories
  5. The story of devotion
  6. Proverbs
  7. Tirukukural non moral tic story
  8. Birbal story
  9. Present stories and
  10. Children’s stories, etc.

The following main features are available in this Tamil Kathakal app
They are: tamil kamakathakikaltamil 2019 apk download

Article 1
You can read every story in the app through day or night mode

  1. Don’t read / read:
    This option is an easy way to find out if a particular story falls into the category of reading or reading.
  2. Font size:
    You can change the font size of your personal story to your liking
  3. Partner:
    Partnering is an important option for sharing our favorite things This will help you stop your favorite story

We hope this will be your best friend
Please read this application daily, you will get a specific lesson in your life.


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