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T-Ration apk, T-Ration apk

T-Ration apk:

T-Ration ( Telangana Ration ) android versatile application is created to realize the straightforwardness Telangana State Public Distribution System ( Telangana ePDS ) to the

everyday citizens of the state just as the Consumer Affairs administration of Telangana. Significantly, T-Ration application has two modules G2C and G2G.

G2C: G2C ( Government to Citizen ) alludes to the administrations conveyed by the legislature to the residents of the state. The G2C administrations are created to arrive at the individual recipient of National Food Security Cards( NFSC ) to know their Food Security Card ( FSC )application subtleties, Stock distributed to Fair Price Shops ( FPS ) and particular FSCs for consistently, subtleties of exchanges happen on the individual FSC in every month, continuous accessibility of stocks in relating FPS, status of Release Orders (RO) paid by FPS vendors and FPS areas map. The G2C administrations are:

FSC Search

RC( Ration Card ) Allocation

RC( Ration Card ) Transaction

Current Stock at FPS

FPS Allocation

RO Status by FPS

RO Status by RO Number

FPS Locations

G2G: Government to government ( G2G ) is the electronic sharing of information as well as data between government offices/offices or associations. The objective of G2G is to help e-Government activities by improving correspondence, responsibility, information getting to and information sharing. Utilizing this application, the administration authorities can check the measurable data about ( NFSC ) National Food Security Cards of Telangana state, for example, Application Status, Units related with FSC, % of Aadhaar Seeding, Dynamic Key Register ( DKR ), ePoS (electronic Point of Sale) deal exchanges, Real time stocks accessible at MLS ( Mandal Level Stock ) focuses and cushion godowns, and so forth utilizing Suchainam ( Earlier alluded as SCM – Supply Chain Management ). All these G2G Services are summed up and penetrated down from State level through the least conceivable degree of individual component, for example, FPS/RO and so on. The G2G administrations are:

Application Status Report

Card Units Report

Seeding Report

DKR Report

ePoS Sale

MeeSeva status

MLS Stock Position

Godown Stock Position

MLS Stock Receipts

MLS Stock Issues

Godown Stock Receipts

Godown Stock Issues


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