Swipetimes Apk- Time Tracker


Swipetimes Apk, Swipetimes Apk- Time Tracker

Swipetimes is a ground-breaking yet basic venture based time tracker.

It will easily let you measure your working time or some other exercises you need to screen. It offers a completely extraordinary client experience and makes time following direct and extremely agreeable.

It’s the perfect application to quantify your work time. It’s the perfect application for specialists who need to gauge their task times. It’s the perfect application for understudies who need to quantify their learning time. It’s the perfect application for any individual who needs to follow the time measurement of hers/his exercises.

Swipetimes underpins punch in/punch out following just as recording your hours toward the day’s end. It will create precise time sheets and measurements out of your logged occasions/work log.

Through WIFI-based mechanization rules, time following can run even without utilizing the application. Subsequent to connecting WIFIs to your tasks, the tracker will begin when your telephone associates with the WIFI and stop when it disengages.

Another method of robotizing following is using NFC labels.

Separations can likewise be followed by utilizing the GPS capacities the application offers.


Track the time you go through with your activities and assignments. Improve your records with labels and notes.

Characterize time objectives for you anticipates and be educated when you contact them.

Characterize objectives for your week by week work time and let the application deal with the time represent you. You will know precisely what your present extra time is and how it advanced after some time.

Incredible reports will give you a careful outline of your logged time. Use channels to concentrate on explicit tasks in your measurements.

Fare to different arrangements like exceed expectations, json, xml and pdf.

Utilize computerized or manual reinforcements to guard your information. Pick between cloud administrations like Google Drive and Dropbox or store those reinforcements on your SD card.

Discretionary (unidirectional) synchronization with Google Calendar will set up completely logged accounts in a schedule you may impart to your chief, your clients or whomever you need.

A gadget with stopwatch-like capacities.

Pomodoro like cautions will advise you that you should enjoy a reprieve or begin accomplishing something valuable.

Interface with the application through a status bar warning.



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