Swift Makeover Apk


Swift Makeover Apk, Swift Makeover Apk

Now you can freely choose the type of beauty service, the type of hairstyle and the appointment time of any salon in the city in the app. Whether you need beauty and wedding services, a SPA or health services, we will provide you with the best experience of your life.
Find the best salon near you and book an appointment in real time.
In the SwiftMakeover app, you can immediately browse salons, spas, hair salons, salons in your region and book appointments in real time! Don’t wait any longer, don’t waste your precious time in the performance queue.
We care about our customers the most, so if you visit the show lazily, don’t worry! Book any service you choose in any salon through our app, then get the service at your door.

The SwiftMakeover application contains the following functions:
• The application allows users to create their profiles.
• Multiple social relationships, friendly user interface.

  • Easy booking, just browse 2 pages to book your appointment.
  • The application provides all the data you need to know before booking a service, such as the brand used, reviews of the services provided by each store.
  • Once the reservation is complete, you will get the location of the lounge map integrated into Google Maps and the arrival times for the lounge with full assistance.
  • You can now pre-book services in any salon in the future and look great on any occasion, like the bride, the occasion style and other services.
    • Send OTP to verify valid users.
    • Compare the prices of salons, spas and tattoo artists in your region and city, and choose the most appropriate salon.
    • Using the search and various filters (such as distance, price, rating, quotes, etc.), you can search the entire database with one click.
    • In addition, you can search for different types of salons, such as “men only”, “women only”, “children only”, or you can choose unisex.
    • When you book a service, users receive a notification.
    • Online payment and wallet.
    • Choose the desired service anytime, anywhere (ie 24/7).
  • You can now browse store reviews and choose the best salon.
    • View your recent bookings and full booking history, including all payment history.
    • Take advantage of exclusive discounts and get cash back on each booking.
    • Make salon reservations in real time at nearby salons.
    You’re still looking for the best show, the best service, the best brand for you, but you’ve finally hovered for a few hours, but ultimately you can’t find a place to succeed. The best makeup artist, the best service. In addition, each lounge has reviews, ratings, photos, videos, service menus and prices to help you compare your choices before the final booking, all at your fingertips at the end.
    When you can immediately consult the beauty experts, the best makeup artist in your area and book the service immediately, why wait for the manicure, pedicure or massage service if necessary!
    Plan your appointment quickly and easily and keep rest and relaxation when you need it most, or fill out this appointment book for the most frequent trade show you have ever visited. Whether you need beauty treatments or just want haircuts and shaving, this is your ideal choice.
    We are always looking for ways to improve your spa / salon / tattoo salon experience. While we care, we can help you make the look and feel cheaper – it’s a gift we can’t resist. Download the app now.


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