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Swalekh Hindi Keyboard (Hindi)
Bengali Keyboard
Telugu Keyboard (4)
Marathi Keyboard (Marathi)
Tamil Keyboard (4 Keyboards)
Gujarati Keyboard (Gujarati)
Chinese Keyboard (4)
Malayalam Keyboard (Malam)
Oriya Keyboard
Punjabi Keyboard (Pajabi)
Assamese keyboard (অs মীয় aa)
Nepali Keyboard (Nepali)
Bodo keyboard (Bodo)
Perfect Keyboard (Dogri)
Kankani Keyboard (Konkani)
Math Keyboard (Mathili)
Manipuri Keyboard (pictured)
Sanskrit keyboard (Sanskrit)
Kashmiri Keyboard (Kashmiri)
Sindhi Keyboard (Sindhi)
Urdu keyboard (A keyboard red)
Santali Keyboard (4)
English keyboard

(Full list of 22 official Indian languages ​​supported + above English) Swalekh

The Sleek Indic Keyboard is a real Indic language keyboard that helps you type in text messages, Facebook updates, tweets, emails, blogs and more regional languages.

The Android keyboard, which literally means my own writing, gives you the power to express the Indian language through an easy-to-use keyboard for Android devices. With features such as word prediction, auto-correct, smart motherboard keypad layout, etc., you can now express yourself in your own language. Swalekh

Any user can help switch between Indian language and English on Reverie SmartPad / Indic Keyboard, Slack Space Bar Press.

Smart, easy-to-use touchpad in QWERTY format Swalekh

Native Indic language keypad that allows you to type comfortably in the language of your choice.

The QWERTY keypad format that allows you to type words in English scripts before using phonetic translations to convert words into your preferred Indian script. Swalekh

Smart Keypad advises words in your chosen language depending on what you type. Available predictions include English, country and bilingual predictions.

Next word
Provides options for the next word based on the user’s previous sentence style. Available for all languages

Gesture type (beta)
Instead of tapping individual keys, slide your finger over the letter and type. It is a beta version and is currently only available for English layouts

Additional information
Give your keypad a personal theme

Auto Repair
Auto-correct words typed in English script for the nearest word of the selected local language.

Decorate each text with an emotional, beautiful emoji

Some Indian languages ​​may not be supported by your Android device The ones that will tell you when you install it.


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