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survivalcraft apk, Survivalcraft apk No 1 Best App


Survivalcraft apk 2.2 What’s new in the update:

  • The height of the area has doubled in 256 blocks
  • Increase the number of inventory slots to 10
  • Fixed lights while there are many complex blocks in one place
  • Flat island mode added
  • Great White Shark has been added
  • Equipment repair
  • Terrain Generation Generation Repair
  • New lighting model
  • It takes longer to digest food, thin food turns into compost
  • Rainwater creates particles when they hit the ground
  • Start position options added: easy, medium and hard
  • Add mimosa tree

… and more: A complete list of more than 70 changes to our website. Survivalcraft apk

You are on the shores of an infinitely blocked world Exploration, mining resources, handicrafts and weapons, nets and plant growth. Tailor clothing for food and resources and more than 30 real-world victims Build a shelter to survive the winter night and share your world online.

To protect horses, camels or donkeys and cattle from predators. Explode your path with rocks with explosives Manufacture of sophisticated electrical appliances Industrial custom furniture Use pistons to make colorful moving machines Plant crops and trees Make and mix 40 different outfits to protect yourself from attacks and weather or to look smart. Play with a maximum of 3 friends using a split screen The chances of surviving and building this long-running sandbox are endless

The first day is a free version that allows you to play one day game in any world. If you want to continue playing, start a new world or upgrade to a full version.

Let’s enjoy!


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