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strategy games apk free download, strategy games apk free download No 1 Best Apk


Build your MILITARY STRATEGY and join this WORLD WAR to rise as a CONQUEROR in one of the BEST STRATEGY GAMES.

An addictive military game with missions, special ops, pvp battles, alliances and lots more. Attack now Commander to survive & dominate in Military Strategy Games!

Command army, navy & airforce. Grow your empire, join your war friends and wage epic wars on enemies! Use your strategy & tactics to outsmart and destroy them. Become a world conqueror in this free strategy-games.

A classic world war strategy game, with click-based tactical operations! Define your strategy, command your army and win this world war game!


⚔️ Missions – Battle against the evil forces of STORM who are trying to take over the world.
⚔️ Assignments – Complete Assignments to rank up your Captains and command more Units into battles.
⚔️ Special Ops – Destroy enemy forces and earn huge loot in Special Operations.
⚔️ PvP Battles – Wage epic battles against other players, loot resource mines and attack STORM outposts in Battleground. Show off your military power to the world.
⚔️ Captains – Recruit Captains from all disciplines to command massive military into epic wars.
⚔️ Mercenaries – Hire war heroes, mercenaries to assist the military in pvp battles.
⚔️ Military Units – Deploy and command massive military forces into this war zone. Choose strategically from a variety of modern army, navy, air force and missile units.
⚔️ Base Operations – Build and upgrade your base to level up all units, defenses and economy.
⚔️ Defense – Deploy defenses to protect your base from pvp attacks.
⚔️ Hospital – Heal your units and be ready for war at all times in this warzone game.
⚔️ Bank – Safeguard your loot in the bank and invest into growing your military edge over others.
⚔️ Missiles – Deploy missiles to take down defense and wage a strategic war.
⚔️ Income Properties – Manage your economy and upkeep by buying various income properties.
⚔️ Military Drills – Perform drills and keep your units at maximum stats to dominate the action in war zone.
⚔️ Skills – Improve your war strategy with allocating skill points tactfully.
⚔️ Revenge & Strike List – Take revenge on your enemy. If you are finding it difficult, order a strike against them in this free military games.
⚔️ Alliances – Choose your war allies to help in your journey to conquer the world.
⚔️ 🏆 Leaderboards – Show the world your power and supremacy by competing on live leaderboards in one of the top strategy-games.

A new strategy game to dominate all strategy-games! Experience the power to loot & destroy your enemies in the best free strategy war game.

For any feedback or support in this military strategy game, please reach us at [email protected]

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