Strange vpn host file download No 1 Best App


strange vpn host file download, Strange vpn host file download No 1 Best App

Strange vpn host file download VPN hosts help app developers customize the host (/ system / etc / host) on unreserved Android devices.
Virtual host apps can also be used to block ads (As ad blocker)

= New b: courtesy: =
=> Support custom dns =
=> Host file support from the net, this feature can be defined as: =
= 1, click on the Long Host File button = =
= 2, enter your url and click on the download button = =
= 3, click the radio button from the network, then click the confirmation button. = =
= 4, click on the big start button to test = =
= 5, enjoy = =

Features Features: Strange vpn host file download

1, Use the host file on Android device with root out Custom domain names can be customized
Resolution Record
2, Support wildcard DNS records For example: => | | Strange vpn host file download

3, Full support ipv6 network, change AAAA (ipv6 address) Support DNS records. Examples:

2001: A124 :: 6666
fc00: aaaa: bbbb: cccc: 1111: 2222: 3333: 1234
fe80 :: 2

4, Maybe the more records the more energy is saved, because the wildcard can use DNS records. Like Google domains, only one record “” is required that can represent all sub-domains. Strange vpn host file download


1, Make the host file yourself or get it from the internet
2, you can select or access the file anywhere on your phone
3, Launch the app Click the blue button at the bottom of the script, then select the host file you created or downloaded from the Internet.
4, Click on the big white button which is like a switch to go and the white button will turn green.
5, Enjoy it!


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