Stotra nidhi app No 1 Best App


stotra nidhi app, Stotra nidhi app No 1 Best App

Stotra nidhi app StoraNidhi is the ultimate mobile app for chanting your devotion It has all the hymns of Telugu, Hindi (Devanagari) and English (IAST) languages, published on the website There are many hymns composed by Adi Shankara and other great saints in this application Songwriting is important for understanding God and swimming in infinite happiness

Use this app to chant mantras and mantras in your house every day and in the temple while worshiping Stotra nidhi app


  • Multiple sources in the offline library
  • Veda Sukra with Sukta is properly identified
  • Save your favorite hymns
    Change the text size to Level 3
  • Audio for selected hymns (required internet connection)
  • Day mode (black text on white background) and night mode (white text on black background)
  • Language selection
  • Works on landscaping orientation

Note: After October 01, 2020, subsequent updates to this Android app will be available only in different language apps. Stotra nidhi app


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