StepSetGo (SSG) Apk- Step Earn Redeem


StepSetGo (SSG) Apk, StepSetGo (SSG) Apk- Step Earn Redeem

StepSetGo (SSG) Apk

The idea is straightforward. Stroll to gain SSG Coins. Utilize these SSG Coins to recover wonderful prizes. Prizes can be selective limits or stunning items that are totally FREE!

The point is to make wellbeing, wellness and exercises fun once more, regardless of whether you stay inside.

1000 Basic advances (Indoor advances) = 1.25 SSG Coins

1000 Outdoor advances = 1.00 SSG Coins


The landing page is the place every one of your activities happen. It shows you the means you have strolled today. The level on which you are at, the separation you have secured and the calories you have consumed today and your all out SSG Coin balance. It likewise shows you the Daily Rewards. Every day rewards are a simple method to gain more SSG Coins for nothing!

Remember to step up!

Your wellness venture on StepSetGo is mapped out by 5 Levels. Walk more consistently to overhaul your level. Redesigning gives you access to win more SSG Coins day by day. Be apathetic and you will be downsized and gain less SSG Coins. What’s more terrible is that your companions on SSG will see that you are being apathetic and no one needs that prodding! To add more hues to your wellness venture, the application will change its look and hues each time you redesign or downsize your level, just to keep you moving!

Welcome and Earn

To make your wellness venture all the more fascinating and fulfilling, you can welcome every one of your loved ones to StepSetGo! More is always better! rival your companions in the week after week leaderboard to see who strolls the most. That is not all. You likewise get remunerated with free SSG Coins, each time you welcome somebody on this progression based wellness compensating application.


Determine the status of who has strolled the most on week after week leaderboard. It resembles a well disposed wager yet fitter! Know which of your companions are generally dynamic on the application. This walk and gain application has social highlights too. Head on to the Activity feed where you can realize all the marvelous prizes earned by your companions and the wellness achievements that they have accomplished. Bother your companions for being apathetic. Get motivated by their sound strolling propensities and achievements!


In the exceptionally focal point of our application is our Bazaar. Reclaim your well deserved SSG Coins to profit astonishing free items and selective limits. Get free brand vouchers from the best brands, curated only for you. Rate your preferred offers with the goal that we realize which offers need to come on this prizes application!


Head on to the Arena page in the application where you can partake in wellness difficulties and gather much more SSG coins. These difficulties could be founded on steps, carbohydrate level and separation strolled. Everything is in every case progressively fun when you have your loved ones testing you in solid rivalry.

Presenting our all-new worldwide StepSetGo people group difficulties as FitGames. Play these astonishing games on the application while additionally remaining fit. The more you walk, the more possibilities you get the opportunity to play the games. Contend with your companions just as the entire StepSetGo people group on the worldwide pioneer sheets. Gather SSG coins for arriving at the necessary score and even win astonishing prizes in the event that you rank sufficiently high on the pioneer sheets. A sound way of life was rarely this fun and fulfilling!


Redo your profile by including your preferred picture as profile picture. Without fail and whenever wellness changes a piece of your life, you can add statuses to your profile to motivate your companions. The profile page additionally gives you an itemized breakdown on your history with StepSetGo. Know all that you have to know to follow your wellness like the quantity of step you strolled, keep a beware of the calorie and separation strolled for as long as week, past month or even the previous year. See the adjustment in you, outwardly!

SSG has been made to turn into an ideal ally to stroll alongside you on your wellness venture. May it be recovering astonishing offers or items by simply strolling, contending with your companions in the wellness challenges or just monitoring your means, separation, calories – strolling with SSG will consistently be fulfilling!

So what are you hanging tight for? We should StepSetGo!


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