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star girl fashion makeup amp dress up mod apk Join the Samba Carnival Festival! Amazing star girl style! 4

It’s your turn to shine like a star! Live a new life full of beauty, fashion and glamor! Filled

You can dress all star girl fashion makeup amp dress up mod apk

Enter the world of hundreds of beautiful and sexy dresses, hats, skirts, shoes, bags, accessories and more!

OP is a shopkeeper
Visit the stock store with hot new clothes! Everything is made for you, so shop the contents of your heart!

A Be a singer, ACTRESS and model
Work hard to work hard! Earn money while advancing your career in various fields! The harder you work, the more clothes you will be able to buy!

US Meet and Your Cross Date
Meet the son of your dreams! A star girl is only the best Bring out the romance inside you in this paradise of utter hatred!

🏆 United Fashion Staff
Star girls from all over the world compete for the best prizes! Can you tie the knot? Look at your perfect look and make the world famous!

A Save the life of a star
See your face in magazines, posters, billboards and banner covers! Visit the most special clubs and live your dream home in luxury!

Keep 4 with friends
Hang out with friends in the game! Take a selfie with your avatar and post it on social media!

Target the stars and make your dreams come true! Jump to Star Girl Lifestyle! Are you the next girl in the world?

** Please note that once the application is free, please remember that it contains content for real money that can be purchased by consumers to buy their gaming experience. You can control in-app purchases made on this app using password protection Which can be enabled from the Settings page of the Google Play Store app **

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