Star girl beauty queen No 1 Best App


star girl beauty queen, Star girl beauty queen No 1 Best App


Star girl beauty queen Become a fashion designer for a world beauty pageant contestants! Choose from 12 models of different races, then rumor through a huge wardrobe of trendy, glamorous dresses, accessories and hairstyles that make them more fitting – a beautiful outfit for every supermodel. Everything is free! No in-app purchases or locks

For Muslim players, the game allows you to dress in Islamic tradition over your character. Find only the “Hijab” icon in the group item list. Star girl beauty queen

This is a global competition, so girls wear a sas, which should contain the name and flag of the girl representing the country. All countries are there – choose one or the one you like (or what nationality is usually the face of a girl). Countries are grouped by Maldives The lists are still very long (there are 300+ countries!), So we top the population, and the rest are arranged in chronological order.

Btw this is a great excuse to learn the flags of different countries and expand your horizons and see how many countries actually exist in your area. They all have beautiful young fashionistas who dream of coming on stage in a global competition! Star girl beauty queen

We bet you are in the game of fashion and styling, maybe even addiction in virtual doll makeover. All of our applications are complete and completely free – nothing is locked, tons of clothes to choose from, and you can’t spend any real money. Download more of our makeup / make-in apps and run them on your Android phone or tablet.

You can find our new application by browsing the “More Games for Girls” list. Our other hit games are “Wedding Model”, “Promotional Night”, “Fashion Show”, “Actress” – check them out! Star girl beauty queen

Do you dream of becoming a super famous celebrity or superstar and dream of walking the red carpet with other stars and celebrities from the lives of movies, costumes and glamor? Explore your dreams and train your inner fashion with this virtual cosplay salon.

Collect glam, stylish, trendy, classy, ​​romantic or traditional outfits for the doll. Create a screenshot of your creation and show your talent to your friends – click the “Camera” button in the top right corner and then share your screenshot through social networks or other channels.


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