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star fashion designer, Star fashion designer No 1 BestApp

Star fashion designer Move, DIY girls! The city has a new DIY fashion designer queen – yes, right – you !!! Decorate your closet with amazing stylish fashion design DIY projects! Wear your forbidden clothes and show off your DIY fashion designer talent on your fashion design video channel – make a big fan!

Star fashion designer

With all your stylish DIY fashion skills, you are going to fly the world and be creative with the SuperFun DIY Dress Up project. Use your imagination and transform your simple outfit into an OMG-to-die-stylish DIY dress! Got an annoying old blouse? Reshape it, style it, decorate it and make it a fashionable new tank! Take selfies with your stylish new clothes, clothes and fashion creations, and take part in selfie competitions! Run your own fashion designer channel and post a video of your DIY clothes. Clothing requests from your followers

Features Features: Star fashion designer

Completely Wonderful DIY Fashion Design Dress Project Dress – Turn Your Annoying Old Clothes into Wonderful New Clothes!
Cut out stitches, sew in decorations, and add color splatters to your fashion design!
Manage your own DIY fashion designer dress video channel Upload a video of your creation and get followers.

Be prepared to get specific requests from your fans – if they like your new fashion video, you’ll love it more. If they don’t … you will lose the choice So make sure you do a good job!
Take a stylish selfie with your DIY fashion designer Creation and take part in selfie competitions against other DIYs!

Use your camera to take photos, and then add images to your fashion design DIY creation. Do you want to make your cat a b feature in your DIY outfit? Or to make the best of it with you and your BFF? The possibilities are endless!
Get a great make-up to look extra beautiful in your DIY outfit!


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