Sse universal encryption No 1 Best App


sse universal encryption, Sse universal encryption No 1 Best App


Sse universal encryption Secret Space Encryption (S.S.E.)
File encryption, text encryption, and password manager applications are integrated into one solution.

Important initial remarks: Sse universal encryption
This application offers many options and is intended for experienced consumers All data is actually encrypted (numerically changed) using the keys generated from your password. If you forget your password, our data is lost, no matter how obscene we are in our email. The right password is the only way Also, if you prefer when someone / someone manages your life and makes all the decisions for you, this application is not for you.

And File Encryption: Securely encrypt your personal and confidential files or entire folders.
4th Basic File Encryption Video Tutorial:

➤ Text Encryption: Protect your messages, notes, cryptocurrency keys (seeds, memoirs) and other text information from unwanted readers. Use the internal database or copy / paste from your favorite application A password has been set for the current encryption / decryption session, and you can get an unlimited number of passwords for any purpose (notes, email, social networking, person A, B, C, …). Sse universal encryption

➤ Password Valve: Store and manage all passwords, PINs and notes in a secure place secured by a master password. Available import / export operations (compressed, full encrypted .pwv file format or unencrypted, edited .xml file format).

Encryption Algorithm: Everything is encrypted using a powerful encryption algorithm: AES (Rijndael) 256 bits, RC6 256 bits, snake 256 bits, blephys 448 bits, twiffies 256 bits, GST 25 bits 2 and 2 B12 + 3B-2 Pro) Edition) Cyber ​​is available for the SAC Pro Pro version
स्टे Steganography: Text encryption has a steganographic feature (hiding a text in the image – JPG). A steganographic algorithm (F5 algorithm) is used along with a selected symmetric cipher algorithm to create the final stanogram (JPEG image).

बर्तन Other utensils: Password Generator, Clipboard Cleaner, Benchmark Algorithm, …
Permission Minimum Permission No ads
Or the Cross Platform Desktop Edition (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, …) available for text encryption and file encryption: Sse universal encryption

Paranoia text is available for encryption / iOS (iPhone / iPad / iPad).
Online (web-based) version of text encryption (AES, client-side)

This software-free source – we have nothing to hide, so you can safely hide everything you need. Sse universal encryption

If you see any problems with this application, you can contact us by email. Comments do not allow us to communicate with you properly

★★★ Frequently Asked Questions ★★★
Problem: File Encryption – My file is still visible after an encryption.
Answer: The SSE file encryption acts as an archive (a new .enc file has been created). Once the encryption process is complete you can delete / say the original file or it can be done automatically: Settings: File Encryption → Delete source after encryption.


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