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Squaredroid online The app is now completely free and ad-free Enjoy a great customer experience!

SquareDrive – Full size photo for Instagram:

Size for social media: category profile photos, pictures and landscaping stories and stories for Instagram.
Add a vague background border effect to your photo
Choose the colors you choose separately for the photo, or use classic black / white, or use your color palette of your choice with color wheels.

Use the gradient background border to fit the DP image
Rotate, scale and crop your photos in a fixed ratio like Photo 4: 3 or 21: 9.
Quickly share your favorite app on your two taps
Join the community by using the # Squared hashtag while sharing on social networks to get more likes and followers! Squaredroid online

All facilities are available for free

SquareDrive – Full size photos for Instagram’s main features:

• Minimum style method
Use only useful crop features and settings, clean and easy with a crop photo editor interface.

• Small size
The download size is less than 3 MB
The app only uses ~ 7MB of storage when installed Squaredroid online

Various towel ratios
The category profile photo is perfect for Instagram, the perfect format for full size posts, and the perfect 9:16 format for portraits (portraits and landscapes). Resize for your favorite social media!

Background of unclear board
You can adjust the indefinite effect without crop limitations. Squaredroid online

Color matching
The app will analyze a selected photo and suggest four colors that perfectly match the image.
Of course, there are classic white or black borders, just like any other opping app does not produce full-size photos.

Easy color with color
If you want to find your own unique color You will be able to post the whole picture by adding a color bar to your choice. Squaredroid online

• Two colorful grand borders
Two different colors with easy change in the image Color matching also works in gradients Gradient rotation is also available

High photo resolution
No other crop photo editor app, even on high-end devices, reduces photo quality to full HD, but # Squared allows you to save category photos with higher resolution than you can handle your device.

Three sources came to the fore
You can choose from three formats: JPG, PNG and WEBP You will be able to select the desired aspect ratio for JPG images. Squaredroid online

Take a photo from any APP
All apps that support photo sharing will be available from #SquareDrive. You can share from any app through the standard Android sharing mechanism without first opening #Squared.


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