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Spark video call app Spark.Live brings you an in-depth way to connect with incredibly influential and expert professionals through social profiles, chat and video calls.

Find expert dietitian, nutritionist, yoga and fitness guru, dance and music coach, astrology and ayurvedic doctor, tax and career coach, therapist and consultant. Follow them, chat with them, schedule counseling with them or join one class after another on video or audio calls. Spark video call app

If you are a professional, join us and give one piece of advice to customers on the comfort and privacy of your home. Pay your bank account directly for paid counseling and classes.

Watch the video and export experts make and post short videos that consumers can watch and enjoy. This video experience can teach you yoga, or help you eat the right food, or guide you towards your next career goal. Spark video call app

Follow-ups and chats You can check the creator’s profile, experts can follow them and send them direct messages to learn more about them. You can also send voice messages, or get more information about them from their profiles Many of our experts are celebrity coaches, coaches and very reputable

Book classes or tips You can book one session after another with experts on video or audio calls and participate directly through the app. Make a custom diet plan for yourself, or talk about your personal or relationship, or discuss the next stage of your career, do regular yoga or fitness classes, or learn a new instrument, spark. Live experts come from the same health Background and various professions. Spark video call app

Discounts and prizes You can take advantage of discount coupons and win competitive prizes You can redeem these awards by booking a free session with experts on our platform by offering featured b on various social media platforms.

Expert astrologers, veterinary therapists, fitness experts, yoga teachers, mental health experts, psychologists, dancers, musicians, career counselors, stylists, fashion designers, actors, practitioners, practitioners, photographers, life experts. . Spark video call app

Secured payment method You can pay for advice or class using many payment methods starting from credit or debit card, UPI, Lazipe. Spark.Live has been able to integrate with both Roger and Papal, enabling both domestic and international payments.

Available in multilingual languages, Spark Live experts can offer advice in a language you understand Available in Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi and English.


  • Choose the language in which you are comfortable
  • Sign in using Google or Facebook
  • Watch the short video
  • Like, share and download videos
  • Connect and chat with manufacturer experts
  • Follow the profile and chat with people with the same thoughts
  • Book online classes and tips at your convenience
  • Pay using the secure payment method
  • Schedule a session after texting the expert
  • Participate in online video or audio sessions using the app
  • Cancellation request, or refund

For experts:

  • Join and apply to become an expert
  • Create your profile
  • Upload or shoot short videos
  • Create class and counseling offers from the application
  • Pay directly to the bank account when users book personal advice.
  • Build your profile as an expert and earn a reputation
  • Reach and monetize your
  • Reach out to consumers who speak your language
  • Connect with consumers anywhere in your area or anywhere in the world
  • Manage your online business from home

Consumers can learn from experts and become experts over time, as they develop skills and abilities. They can easily apply to become experts, pay

A company built by the Home Screen Network for the Spark Live platform, the Times of India, the Hindustan Times, your story, INC42, Forbes, Dennis Jagan, helps raise the level of play for emerging smartphone users in India. Made in India with headquarters in Bangalore.


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