SPAR India Apk


SPAR India Apk, SPAR India Apk

The worldwide SPAR organization comprises 12,314 stores in 40 countries on 4 continents and meets the needs of over 13 million consumers every day. In India, we have 23+ stores across 9 cities and have more than a million sq. feet of retail space.

SPAR Omni-channel is focused on extending the offline shopping experience to the online audience. We want to ensure that you enjoy shopping online with us. We, at SPAR promise Freshness, Value, Service and Choice to our consumers and we are extending the same core principles through our Omni-channel where we would provide our customer, a choice of buying the same fresh produce and a range of products at the comfort of his home. We believe it is a powerful combination that can co-exist and deliver meaningful value to online shoppers in India.

Ensuring that we deliver the best service we can is at the heart of everything we do at SPAR India. That means NO compromise on order fulfillment, on-time delivery every time and an easy returns policy. Providing our online customers real value for money is another important point. We are particular about offering the lowest prices in the market. We offer ‘Everything Below MRP’ for all of the products that are sold.

Finally, we are passionate about delivering food products that are farm-fresh. And we spare no efforts to make sure that what you buy from us is not just fresh, but SPAR Fresh — excellence in fresh produce. This passion for freshness differentiates us from all other retailers. It also drives our goal of helping our customers and their families enjoy a healthier and smarter way of living. So start spending less and smile more!


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