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sotla apk download Family Tracking – Online Status: Use and End Scenes Allow your family and their online activities, last seen and chat use to be tracked.
Are your children asleep or talking to someone? Is it online or at bedtime?

With our tracker, you can monitor and track your children’s activities 24/7, even when you’re not with them! Try it for free!
We immediately provide detailed reports of online activities up to No. 3 with alerts and notifications.
You can filter the report throughout the day according to the date and time frame (for example, the sleep time of the past).

You can compare multiple people’s online activities and compare savings in activities by making it easier to use visual graphs. With our visual analyzer you can easily get and use The Daily Nick usage statistics.

Here are some of the key features of our chat tracking: sotla apk download

  • Track and monitor up to 3
    Online notification when the number is online
    -24/7 Tracking
  • Last scene report and detailed analysis
  • Check the good activity between the track / track number you are tracking and whether they are talking to each other.
    Free trial for 24 hours (try our tracker for free)


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