Sonic Dash – Endless Running & Racing Game no1 best apk


Sonic Dash – Endless Running & Racing Game

In this fun, free infinite runner game, in an amazing 3D environment, you can see the ace as a sonic headgear like running, dancing, jumping and walking. In this free fast and furious infinite running game, you can challenge and jump up and down while you run!

Sound …
Run your Sonic headgear fast with your first unlimited running game from SEGA! How far will you go with this fast and cold headgear? Use Sonic’s super running power to run faster than others!

… dash!
Unlock Sonic’s incredible fast run speeds that allow you to run super fast and destroy obstacles in your path. Draw and run the ace through this epic free runner game through the epic course.

Amazing walking ability
Use Sonic’s super fast, all-star running power to eliminate threats, jump on obstacles and move around Loop Day Loop. Also, fight the enemies using Sonic’s destructive home attack!

Fantastic race graphics
Sonic’s beautiful wide world is the best on your phone and tablet with this free, fun infinite runner! Spend hours on the acing d through the infinite incredible race course in the sound world.

Multiple charger
Join the Force and play as a friend of Sonic with Tiles, Shadows and Fingers. Choose your favorite runner and blast your way through this super fast, all star endless runner game.

Sonic Hedgoge’s two main rivals, Despicable Dr. Egman and Sonic are the deadliest judges in the lost world! Use Sonic’s cleverness and speed to bring these villains down before it’s too late!

Power up
Unlock, win or buy the best running power apps to help you move forward. Use head start, shields, ring magnets and unique race score booster to get your feet on the next race with Sonic!

Keep walking
Earn more prizes for walking and walking with Sonic in your first infinite runner game! Complete your unique mission or level your reward by playing additional characters like Red Star Ring and Knock, Shadow, completing The Daily Nick Challenge and playing The Daily Nick Spin.

Download the Sonic Das Endless Runner game from SEGA today and walk through the wonderful world of Sonic Headphones! Collect the best runners and see how far you can go! How fast and how far can you run this free sonic from the headless infinite runner game SEGA? 3… 2… 1 .. Get ready to play the best free infinite runer mobile game on RUN!

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