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Sonic 4 episode 1 apk Play as Sonic, Tiles and Metal Sonic in this 2D du venture adventure!

Metal Sonic Dr. Egman, and the suspicious couple are together on the Little Planet, set to make a new death egg, this time built on the Little Planet. This is Sonic and his loyal supporters. Eggman’s plan and take the egg mk.II The classic A Sonic experience, enhanced gameplay, five different zones and soundtracks by Jun Senoi do not disappoint this fast-moving sequel that originally started in May 2012.

Sonic Headgear :: This release also includes episodic metal that opens the gate-cow. This bonus set of stages sees you playing Metal Sonic in the hardest version of the zone from Sonic Headphones 4. I. Complete them to find the full story of Sonic Headgear 4!

Like the rest of SEGA’s permanent collection, Sonic Headgear 4: Episode II includes features such as Leaderboard, Cloud Save and Support Controller. Every game in the collection is available for download for Android devices from the Google Play Store. Players wishing to experience the game without ads can remove it for in-app purchases at a cost of $ 1.99 / € 2.29 / £ 1.99.

Features Features Sonic 4 episode 1 apk

  • Five zones and seven buses to make the best of Sonic and Tel
  • Play as Sonic Metal in Metal Case, unlocked from now on!
  • Complete all the special steps to unlock Super Sonic!
  • Work with tails to combine cars, copper, and submarines!
  • Can you collect all the red star rings?

SEGA Forever Features Sonic 4 episode 1 apk

  • Play for free with ad-support or ad-free through in-app purchases.
  • Save your game – Save your progress at any point in the game
  • Leaderboard – Compete with the world for high scores
  • Controller support: HID compliant controller

Retro review

  • “A worthy entry into this new era of class-inspired sonic games.” [7/5] – Jared Nelson, Touch Arcade (May 2012)
  • “After a good platform and clever platform for the fans of the series.” [7/5] – Andrew Nesvada, Upsi (May 2012)
  • “It’s a great fan service.” [7/5] – Carter Dotson, 14 (App (May 2012))


  • The story of Sonic Hazel 4 followed the events of Sonic Headgear 3 and the Naxals.
  • Half Phase 2 to Half Phase Special Returns – Don’t worry, they’re not as hard as they used to be!
  • Can you see all the other references to zone and b feature features from the 16-bit sonic series?

Song 4: History of EPISODE II

  • Sonic Hazel 4: Episode II was first released in May 2012
  • Developed by Sonic Team and Dimples
  • Lead Programmer: Kozi Okugawa


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