Snipers vs thieves 2 No 1 Best App


Snipers vs thieves 2 Welcome to the best sniper or ultra thief! Rope

Play as SNIPER or THIEF !!!
Multiplayer asymmetric gameplay Two unique ways to play as SNIPER, remove THIEVES and protect you from the CASH burden. As THIEVES quickly dodges the Getway van and slips away with his hard-earned money. Snipers vs thieves 2

Four game streams !!
Choose what you want to play, go head to head with SNIPER and other SNIPERs, download most thieves, run the run before you play yourself or see how long you can live. In addition to selecting THIEF in competitive or allied game modes, The Race Dr and others leave or work together to become the first thief, so that you all fall out.

Amazing gadgets and guns !!
You can customize your skills from more than 40 different gadgets for THIEF or SNIPER that players don’t know what to kill. Also, choose from 20 unique guns. Snipers vs thieves 2

Customize your look to show off your personality!
Choose from 150 MASKS and 30 different SUIT colors to show off your style Make sure you are memorable to others!

Real time PvP war!
Fast moving pvp action that will get you back for more !!!

Show off your skills with MISSIONS!
Full mission to unlock new titles for your characters! Show off other players to prove how great you really are Missions will enhance your skills, are you good enough to complete them?

Coming soon:

New event!
More personal staff!
More mode!
New masks and suits!


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