What do the SmartDrive lights mean?


What do the SmartDrive lights mean? 

Your gadget is on and starting to boot up in solid blue. Depending on how large the file system is, this standard file system check could take just a few minutes or as long as several hours. Contact assistance if it continues the next day. Slow Blue Blink: Regular operation. Fast Blue Blinking: Updates are being installed.

What triggers SmartDrive camera? 

The SmartRecorder is set off by things like swerving, hard braking, turning on an active safety system, and going over certain speed limits.

What is the SmartDrive keypad used for? 

A keypad that drivers can use to manually record events and that supports unique identification codes and a privacy mode.

Does SmartDrive record all the time? 

SmartDrive Extended Recording lets you record and store an unbroken, full picture of what happens to your fleet vehicles and drivers, no matter where or when it happens. It has the best video recording capabilities on the market. You can record for up to 200 hours straight.

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How do SmartDrive cameras work?

When a car with SmartDrive 360 does something dangerous, like swerve, make a U-turn, hit something hard, or crash, or when the driver starts a manual recording, video is taken from all four cameras. Then, the video is automatically sent from the SmartRecorder, along with the views from the camera inside the cab and the camera facing forward. Apr 30, 2017

Does smart drive record audio?

Video before and after the event, audio, location, speed, acceleration, driver information, engine data from the Engine Control Unit, and data from the active safety system are all recorded.

How do you know when DriveCam is recording?

When the DriveCam camera is set to record, flashing lights let the driver know that it is doing so. Drivers can also take video by hand if they need to. The DriveCam device can also be set to record continuously or stream live. When the camera is set to record continuously, it can save up to 100 hours of video.

Is drive cam always recording?

The cameras work by passively recording loops of about 30 seconds all the time. They only save 12 second clips of footage when there is a sudden change in movement. A sudden change in movement can happen when you hit the brakes hard, turn corners too quickly, or hit something.

What triggers DriveCam?

Its DriveCam Event Recorder now has a “inattentive” trigger that can tell when the driver’s attention isn’t on the road, like when he or she is looking through papers or is tired or drowsy.

How many seconds does DriveCam record?

The DriveCam video event recorder takes 12-second clips that can be used as proof when something bad happens that wasn’t your fault. This protects you from being wrongly blamed and helps you keep your job.

How do I download a video from DriveCam?

How To Save Your DriveCam Videos To Your Hard Drive

  1. Log into your account on the DriveCam website.
  2. Find the event you want to download and note its “Event ID”. This number is in the upper left corner of the video window
  3. You should see a popup asking you to save the file. Save it!

What do the lights mean on a LYTX DriveCam?

The DriveCam is on and ready to go when the centre light is green. When red lights flash from left to right, it means that the DriveCam is recording something. When the green lights slowly light up from left to right, it means that the DriveCam is saving a driver-tagged event or that the event recorder is checking in.

Does LYTX cameras record audio?

Our Lytx DriveCams attach to the top and middle of the windshield and have lenses that look both forward and backward. The lenses record both video and sound. A device that is working properly will have a solid green light on the right side until it is told to record something.

How does the LYTX camera work?

The MV+AI technology from Lytx uses data from several sensors at the same time to find dangerous situations and driving habits. By looking at images and videos, machine vision can see and recognise objects and how they move.

How much is LYTX worth?

$2.5 billion

Permira made a majority investment in Lytx in January 2020. This was the largest investment in video telematics to date. The investment makes Lytx worth more than $2.5 billion.

How do you pronounce LYTX?

Lytx Inc., based in San Diego, California, makes technology that combines video and vehicle data with its fleet-management software to make drivers safer in transportation fleets. The company’s name is pronounced like the word “analytics,” which is how it is spelled. Mar 10, 2020

Who owns LYTX?


GTCR, a private equity firm based in Chicago, is going to pay $500 million in cash to buy video telematics company Lytx. The deal is expected to be finalised by the end of the first quarter of this year.

What is video telematics?

Video telematics uses connected camera technology to show what is happening inside and around the vehicle in a clear way. Non-video telematics sends out alerts that tell you what, when, and where something is going to happen. When you add video, you’ll know what’s going on and why. And show it with video.

What industry is LYTX in?

Industry involvement

Lytx is an active member of 50 key industry associations that support and advocate for commercial transportation safety and the needs of our clients in the trucking, concrete, construction, waste, government, distribution, and field services industries.

What is VisionTrack?

VisionTrack’s industry-leading IoT platform uses computer vision to collect, process, and analyse real-time video and data based on a number of factors, such as the location of the vehicle, its speed, and the way the driver is acting. It also sends live critical safety alerts to drivers.

What is Telematic Engineering?

An engineering degree that focuses on studying information technology and communications. Find out more in: Why Problem-Based Learning Works.

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