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Smart tutor samsung Description

Smart Tito is an easy, fast and secure medium for Android ™ smartphones and tablets series. It can be used to remotely optimize device performance and provide functional advice for remote remediation of your device.

Remedies may be requested for the following: Smart tutor samsung
Data transfer, backup and restore
New Features Features Advice
Check for software updates
Account settings (Samsung / Google ™ / Email / etc)

How to get started

  1. Download “Smart Tito” from the Google Play Store and install it on our Android device.
  • Download the Smart Tito from the Galaxy S5, via the Galaxy Essential widget.
    (These features may vary by region or race.)
  1. Call the Samsung Contact Center After agreeing to the “Terms and Conditions”
    The phone number of the contact center will be displayed (Because it depends on the country)
  2. Enter the 6-digit connection code provided by the technical technician.
  3. Once connected, a technical technician will determine your mobile
  4. If you want to turn off “Smart Tito”, please tap on the “Disconnect” menu.

Safety and reliability
Don’t worry about revealing our personal information “Smart Tito” forbids a technical expert
Consumer personal information such as galleries, messages,
In e-mail and other special features
• Convenient and easy
If we can use 3G / 4G or Wi-Fi then provide remote support from your Android device quickly and easily.
Features Features
Screen Share / Chat / Screen Lock / Application Lock

Requirements and Notes. Smart tutor samsung

  1. “Smart Titer” works with Android OS (on Android 2.3.6)
  2. “Google Experience Devices” such as “Galaxy Knox” are not supported.
  3. Connection to 3G / 4G network will be charged as per your network data charge agreement.
    Your carrier / telecommunications Before connecting, be sure to check Wi-Fi availability for free support.


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