Smart hide calculator No 1 Best App


smart hide calculator, Smart hide calculator No 1 Best App

Smart hide calculator The Smart Hidden Calculator “is a fully functional calculator app, but with a slight twist. Once you enter the password (you will have to set it at the beginning of the app and it can also be changed in the future) and the ‘= press.’ Button. Where you can hide pictures, videos, documents or files with any extensions file stored in a folder on the sdcard, and if your device is rooted you can (freeze) and hide (freeze) – freeze.

Features Features: Smart hide calculator
1.) Everyone will think of it as a simple calculator
2) Hide and hide images, videos, documents or other media of any kind.
3.) Hide and hide app ** requires root
4) Don’t show yourself in the current app
5) If the user forgets the password, he or she can recover it by providing the password recovery mode (pressing 123456789 + 987654321 in the calculator) and the secondary password.
6) Visit isit again without looking at hidden files

More and more features will be available soon Advice is always welcome

Note: 1. The secret screen’s UI (with a hidden and hidden button) looks a little weird in the form of a small screen. Smart hide calculator

  1. The fresh gallery button will not work in Android KitKat 4.4 (and it is not possible to fix it). Don’t worry it’s not necessary and will probably be removed in future publications


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