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Smart announcer The smart announcer offers hands-free options for incoming calls, SMS and notifications for the Android platform.

The incoming SMS message can extend to the same feature that can be announced or read.

Features Features: Smart announcer

Provides hands-free experience by providing flexibility to answer #call or text

If it saves, it announces the name of the person calling you The same feature can be extended to multiple apps that are used for text or messaging or calls.

Enable / disable globally on the widget / app home screen to control all b features. Smart announcer

The app is interoperable for an unknown communication, the number will be read

Provides the option to set the number of repetitions for the # declaration
Battery announcer with level announcement and charging announcement

Connection, data declarer with connection declaration as disconnected

Local declaration option (if supported by the system)

Mode-based announcements are silent mode options

Pitch, option to make voice tune as per user needs

UI is beautifully designed

The #time announcer is enriched with a number of options that users can control

Supports widgets that help control on / off options for call, SMS, time, and app announcers from the home screen.

Notice announcements from applications are only supported for Android version 4.3 and above.
Note: If you allow this to happen, this application uses the Android Notification Service for new notification processing. It does not collect information in any form. Smart announcer

Special thanks for the translation
Germany by Bellalinda Methocha
Hungarian by Peter Ceremi
Romania by Peter Sesermi


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