Slugterra dark water game No 1 Best App


slugterra dark water game, Slugterra dark water game No 1 Best App


Slugterra dark water game Slugtera, come to the surface to meet the creatures that live in Slug! In this shiny, high-tech, underground world, see every map of the 99 caves that awaits you. Be sure to befriend a lot of slogans along the way, they all have a special talent where they can turn into powerful magical creatures! Use the power of your slug friends, train them and develop them in their epic megamorphic form!

Slugterra dark water game

Once you become an experienced slinger, you will be able to control the energy of the elements, which is the ancestor of all slugs! Looking for new information to break the history of slogans into new friends, new rivals or just together?

Features Features: Slugterra dark water game

  • The first version of the fun based on the best TV series – Slugger!
  • Many more wonderful ways of storytelling reach the slug lookout, where you can walk outside your slug and communicate with each other through various activities – and you!
  • Develop containers of SLUG characters With your development stone you can form and level a team of ingredient slugs that are the ancestors of all slugs found in the slug world. Find out more with the fast and powerful form slug!
  • Play The Daily Nick Event, Win New Prizes and Receive Amazing Shop Upgrades, Coins, Gems and Gifts!
  • Keep an eye out for monthly updates with new times, challenging levels and exciting prizes!


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