Slow motion video fx apk No 1 Best App


slow motion video fx apk, Slow motion video fx apk No 1 Best App


Slow motion video fx apk Make a video of me slowly with a simple clip! 4
Make a slow motion video! You can also do Magic Fast Motion video This is a post-processing editor processing You can edit your video and change its speed

Slow motion video FX allows you to choose movie output speed Reflection 4: Slow motion video fx apk

  • Record your speech and slow it down – you will sound really weird;
  • Accelerate your speech – you’ll sound like a little mouse!
  • Record something falling, such as – table spoons, nuts, seeds and … slow it down – it’ll be fun!
  • You record the water spill and slow it down;
  • Record your pets slowly;
  • Slow down your sports activities Slow down in the snow or while surfing;
  • Change movies when you act like you’re walking Make slow videos out of it;
  • and of course all the other thoughts that come to your mind 🙂

In the new version of your app, you are able to use 2 types of editing processes:
A) Simple process – just slow my full video Set the speed you want to set and enjoy the video effect results
B) Improved process – Here you can add special time points and change the speed of the video at different time points. Read more below. Slow motion video fx apk

How to use my app improve process slowly:
1) Select the video you want to slow down or speed up You can select it from the gallery, or set a new record Trim the video first if you want Remember, this is just a post processing app, and we can’t get more FPS magically then you have hardware on your camera. You can slow down to 24 fps, but it will naturally feel less natural, if your camera records more fps.

2) Add points to the timeline, move them If you go up the point, you will add speed to your film If you move the point down, you will slow down the video If you leave the dots in the middle, the video speed will not change
3) Play with numbers, and save the video in your gallery!
4) Add video filters to your movie Add sound and music!
5) Run the video on our slow motion player, select it from the gallery. Slow motion video fx apk

Our slow speed builder is the only one, the magic to make multiple points with different speeds in a film. The speed in our app is changing easily Decrease video speed Control the video frame rate as you like

Check out some examples in my slow video editor: Slow motion video fx apk

  • Slow motion with music
  • Flip slow hair
  • Slow baseball swing
  • Breakdance, cat drinking, car accidents and more

You can choose time intervals in our simple mode and choose your slow speed such as 1 / 2x, 1 / 3x to 1 / 5x or fast speed – 5x video acceleration.

Now you have a slow motion camera in your pocket!
Let’s enjoy

Video outputs can be uploaded to YouTube or Instagram – show your friends and get hundreds of ‘likes’!


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