Slingshot Championship Game in 2021


With a fingertip, shoot a ball to the primary goal.
Have a a laugh with heaps of object gimmicks like glass bottles, culmination, iron balls, cards.
Various degrees(Supermarket, Factory, Rooftop and extra) are organized for you! Prove yourself as the exceptional sharpshooter!

Slingshot Championship, Slingshot Championship Game in 2021
Slingshot Championship game

Feature Slingshot Championship Game in 2021

  • With handiest one-touch control, you may revel in the exceptional FPS gaming revel in!
  • Best shooters need to remember wind pressure for a higher score!
  • Tons of supportive gadgets will help your gameplay.
  • Offline 2 player mode supported(playable with out net connection)
  • Mutiplayer mode supported
  • sixteen languages supported
  • Achievement & leaderboard supported
  • Tablet devices supported

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