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skyvi, Skyvi No 1 Best App

Skyvi To find a star or star in the sky you need to be an astronomer, open SkyView® for free and let it send you to their place and let them identify.

Skyview is a beautiful and built-in app that uses your camera to accurately identify and identify heavenly objects in the sky or in the sun. When you scan in the sky, we detect planets in our solar system, search for distant galaxies, and discover popular stars when a satellite fly-by-satellite is detected.

Choose Google Editor 2017. Skyvi

Features Features: Skyvi

• Simple: Point your device to the sky to identify galaxies, stars, planets, planets and satellites (including ISS and Hubble).

• Night mode: Save your night vision with red or green night mode filters.
• Augmented Reality (R): Use your camera to see objects in the sky or during the day.
• Airway: Follow the sky track for any object to see the exact location in the sky at any date and time. Skyvi

• Travel time: Go to the future or the past and look at the sky at different dates and times.
• Social: Capture and share beautiful pictures with friends and family on social networks.
• Mobile: No Wi-Fi required (no data signal or GPS needed to work). Take it by boat, boat or flight!

Space Navigator ™ supports binoculars, scoping and telescopes. Skyvi

What a fun way to teach yourself, your children, your students, or your friends about our wonderful universe!


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