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Sky dancer premium apk The unique run game receives “ANDROID EXCELLENCE GAME” from Google Play

The park’s revolution is here
Jump and jump from one flying island to another flying island to escape the big boulder. Be as free as a bird as you fly in the sky and try to kill the beautiful infinite abyss. In some weather conditions, some dangerous areas have to be overcome, from clear skies to sd.

Never run before
Take a deep breath, meditate and feel the adrenaline pumping as you jump that excited. Experience may seem daunting and real at first, but soon you will find every free fall comfortable and comfortable.

Sky Dancer Run What a wonderful runner? Sky dancer premium apk

  • Free fall! Sky Dancer Run is a new runner that is as important as the fall Experience the fall of the sky and make a suitable landing like a pro!
  • A stylish running game with an adventurous attitude! This is an impossible runner game that poses a tough challenge!
  • In Sky Dancer Run, you jump into a huge, exciting, impossible, action movie style – and pray that you have the skills to land on that distant stage.
  • Graphics and controls are pretty minimal, but what you’ve got is often pulling on impossible kicks.
  • Try the Run as much as possible but beware of the drop! Join our dancers and jumpers in this great space du venture adventure from Sky Dancer.
  • Featured in the Best Mobile Games in 2017 by CNET
  • Download and play Sky Dancer is the best free game All in-app products are completely fictional! Are you ready to challenge the best runners now?

Be a DAREDEVIL and dare to create that JUMP

Permission required: Sky dancer premium apk

  • To download the data game, we need your device storage permission. Please allow the following:

Sky Dancer Premium gives you:
EceReceive game bonuses without ads (you can watch ads to double the prize).
Chest without seeing the ad (you can see the ad to double the prize).
Free4 Free Characters: Hatori, Joker, Tarbadis and David


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