SimpleShoppingList Apk


SimpleShoppingList Apk, SimpleShoppingList Apk

SimpleShoppingList Apk


• gives a simple method to make shopping records with value estimation

• include the same number of shopping records as you need

• make you own classes and units

• simple arranging of shopping records, classes, units and things with simplified

• channel the rundown for class to see just what things are in the classification

• gadget to show shopping records on the home screen

• sparing of things with values for including it later on

• include different things simultaneously

• mark thing with click as picked/unpicked

• light and dim topic for determination

• share shopping records

• trade/import all information of the application

• class shading

• can be utilized as plan for the day moreover

Include for every thing:

• a name

• a unit

• classes

• a sum (discretionary)

• a cost (discretionary)

• a note (discretionary), URL joins upheld

Simple (naturally) arranging of the rundown:

• in order

• by class

• physically by intuitive

Consideration: This application deliberately doesn’t suppprt speach acknowledgment.

The required consents clarified:

• read the substance of your SD card (Photos/Media/Files): Needed to have the option to stack a reinforcement.


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