Sim card change notifier No 1 Best App


sim card change notifier, Sim card change notifier No 1 Best App

Sim card change notifier IM card information is a fast and simple app that displays all the information stored on the SIM card, it supports dual SIM smartphones.
This allows you to get quick information about your device SIM card, network status, device information and data stored on the primary SIM card.
It is intended to be clean and simple to use and provides information about the SIM card of your device

SIM card information. Sim card change notifier

  • Supports dual SIM devices
  • Phone number
  • Voice mail number
  • Serial Number (ICCID)
  • Customer ID (IMSI)
  • Operator name
  • Operator code
  • Sim country
  • Software version

Network information. Sim card change notifier

  • Airplane mode
  • Walking position
  • Network type (CDMA / LTE / HSPA / GPRS)
  • Name of the network operator
  • Network operator code
  • Network country

Device information

  • Brand
  • Sample
  • Creator
  • Code name
  • IMEI
  • HW series
  • Android version
  • Android SDK version
  • Column version
  • Create ID
  • Phone type
  • CPU type

Battery information

  • Level
  • Health
  • Event
  • Charging
  • Energy source

SIM communication

  • List of contacts stored on SIM card 1
  • Delete multiple SIM contacts
  • Manually add new SIM contacts
  • Call
  • Send SMS
  • Edit SIM contacts
  • Delete contact
  • Search with contact


  • This permission is required to show ads to support developers
  • READ_PHONE_STATE This permission is required to access SIM card details.
  • This permission is required to read READ_CONTACTS contacts
  • This permission is required to edit or delete WRITE_CONTACTS relationships
  • This permission is required for CALL_PHONE to make a phone call to the selected number

You can reach out to the developers by email at [email protected] We will be happy with your suggestions and feedback so that we can improve SIM information and serve you better.


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