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sikh world app, Sikh world app No 1 Best App

Sikh world app Wehguru Ji Khalsa Wehguru Ji Ki Fateh “

We have created this app to make Sikh and Sikh people aware. Our goal is to promote Sikhism and educate the people of Sikhism.
The Sikh world is not affiliated with any party (religious or political). Sikh world app

Sikh World App Features Features
1) Learn about Sikhism
)) Read and listen to Hukamanama / Katha Hukamanama / Sangram Hukamanama every morning and evening from Shri Darbar Saheb (Golden Temple) in Amritsar.
)) Listen to the live kirtan from Mr. Darbar Saheb (Golden Temple) of Amritsar

7) Mr. Guru Granth Saheb Ji Read and Listen
5) Decanters in Gurumukhi
4) Read and listen to Nitanam and other Gurubania
7) Kirtan, Katha and Banis are recorded from various rages
) Gurumuki / Gurumukhi expansion in English
4) Gurumukhi / Hindi / English All Guru Guru
10) Sikh personality in English / Gurumukhi
11) Sikh words
12) Sikh Jantri

Read and Listen to Names – Listen in Gurumukhi, Hindi and English
Mr. Japji, Mr. Jap, Mr. Tav Prasad Sawai, Mr. Anand, Mr. Rehra, Mr. Chow Paya, Mr. Kirtan Sohila. Sikh world app

Other turtles
Sukhmani Sahib, Dukhan Bhajan Saheb, Asa de Yuddha, Shabad Hazar, Barah Maha Manj, Aarti, Salok Mahla 9, Akal Ustad, Lavan, Barhama Tukhari and Ardas

Kirtan / Shabad / Video from various rages
Santa Masken Singh G, Pinderpal Singh G, Gianni Thakur Singh G and many more. Sikh world app

Mr. Guru Granth Saheb

  • Gurumukhi, Shri Guru Granth Saheb ji in Hindi and English
  • The deity of Mr. Guru Granth Saheb
  • Mr. Guru Granth Saheb’s page-wise audio
  • Gurumukhi and Sahib in English

Information on all Indian and Pakistani gurudwaras in English / Gurmukhi

  • Five (5) boards
  • Punjab
  • Delhi
  • Bihar
  • Himachal Pradesh
  • Maharashtra
  • The rest of India
  • Pakistan

Read about Sikhism in English and Gurumukhi

  • Gurubani Associates
  • Sikh martyr
  • Sikh Warriors
  • Other religious personalities
  • Sikh woman

Read about Sikh personalities of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries
Maharaja Ranjit Singh

  • Jasa Singh Ahluwalia
  • Jasa Singh Ramgaria
  • General Hari Singh Nalwa
  • Akali Phul Singh and many more …

We have also added information and credentials about our “great teacher”
You can read about it
Shri Guru Nanak Deb Ji
Shri Guru Angad Deb ji
Shri Guru Amar Das ji
Shri Guru Ram Das ji
Shri Guru Arjan Deb ji
Mr. Guru Hargobind Saheb
Mr. Guru is lost
Mr. Guru Harikishan
Shri Guru Teg Bahadur
Shri Guru Gobind Singh

Sikh Minister

  • Historical Historical Date in Sikhism
  • Sangrad / Masaya date / Puranamasi date


  • Gurumukhi / English / Hindi All Guru Sahi
  • Baba Deep Singh / Vhoi Mani Singh / Brinda Singh Bahadur

Sikh words

  • Read the meaning of the descriptive word, which is commonly used in Sikh Sikhs


Sikh World is an independent, non-commercial and religious app that comes naturally without any warranty, warranty or obligation. Content included in the Sikh World (such as pictures, audio / video files) is freely available on the Internet. If you are the owner of any content and Sikh World do not send us an email at [email protected] and we will try to remove it in the next release of Sikh World.

“Weheguru Ji’s Khalsa Weheguru Ji’s Fateh”


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