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Shutapp ShutApp kills all battery drain apps, locks the CPU at its lowest frequency, hibernates power consumption settings to save battery life and extend your device’s battery life.

The best thing about ShutApp is that it works when the screen is off. Shutapp

Like most battery saving apps, disabling many features on your phone does not save you enough energy, at a time when you can’t have a smart phone; When the phone is in sleep mode, that is, ShutApp shuts down the power draining app and settings to make it work. There is no barrier to your day-to-day work to provide you with a screen; More energy and comfortable experience using smartphones

ShutApp is a screen app, where you have three settings, one is the application shut lock, the second is the CPU shut lock and the third is the set lock. You can easily scroll through these settings That way you don’t have to search or navigate the app for any settings; To make the application experience easier Learn more about these energy-saving settings. Shutapp

★ Application Lock Lock
This setting is the Hibernates / Sutton / Kill app that performs their work in the background and consumes batteries in the process. These apps are running and you need to have a smartphone experience if you are using your phone. But when you are not using your phone, you don’t want unnecessary battery drain through this app. What does this setting do; Hybridize apps that consume these batteries to save battery life

★ CPU shutdown
The CPU is the “brain of Android” which constantly updates many demand functions such as application updates, widget checks and software updates. These calculations drain a lot of batteries This setting locks the CPU at the lowest possible frequency to ensure battery saver and improved performance. Shutapp

★ Closed
Settings such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Zinc use a large amount of battery. Using this setting you can ensure more power on your smartphone

Not only that, it also protects your phone from heat and prevents your device from malfunctioning which makes you feel better and better using your smartphone. Shutapp

Download ShutApp now to get more power in your hands!

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