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sharemi, Sharemi No 1 Best App


Sharemi Share: Excellent file sharing and transfer applications with lightning speed and friendly UI, file transfer without mobile data and internet.

Music Music, Movies, Videos, Apps, Movies, Files Quickly share and transfer without mobile data. Send, receive and exchange free and simple files. Sharemi

► ShareMy is a fast, lightweight, free and simple transfer app that focuses on transferring and sharing files without the need for any other unnecessary features.

You can access all kinds of files (applications, music, videos, movies, images, apk, pdf, sound, excel, jeep, folder …) for your friends at any time without using mobile data. Move to location And share. Sharemi

Fast move and share all kinds of files quickly, send and receive complete offline files without the need of cables and USB.

► ShareMi Backup supports all data, backup files and phone clones, copying phone data and clone apps very quickly and easily. Sharemi

. Share files without internet connection Transfer files without using mobile data or connecting to the network Free Wi-Fi Network connection free Free from the internet Mobile data is free Complete offline file transfer and offline file sharing

It takes just one second to share a super fast transfer speed, a song. All data copies, clones and phone copies only take a few minutes. Sharemi

Supports Cross Cross platform: Android, iOS, KIS (Geo Phone), Windows, Pad, PC.

► Simple and friendly UI, all kinds of files can be easily found and shared.

Restart pa pause reloading, no worries if your relocation is interrupted due to a sudden error. You can restart it with a simple tap without restarting. Sharemi

Managed transfer history and files can be easily found and managed

Support more than 50 languages, you can use this app without any language restrictions. Sharemi

Main [Main Features Features] 4

The pace of rapid migration in the world
The maximum speed is up to 30 MB / s Lose quality and transfer file

Share and transfer all types of files
Files for movies, photos, videos, music, installed apps, apps, folders and other files.

Send and receive large files without limits (original size)
Transfer large files without limitation and restrictions without losing quality.

. Auto resume transmission from breakpoint
No worries if your transfer is interrupted due to a sudden error.

Easily upgrade and download from your friends
Easily get apps, movies, music from all your friends when connected If you connect successfully from your phone, the apps will be provided from your friend’s phone and can be shared and downloaded in one click.

Easily search for transfer history and manage received files
All transmission histories and received files are scientifically listed in one place, you can easily check and manage them at any time.

Note: Shares will not allow permissions that are irrelevant to our performance.
By accessing the location, Searmi helps find nearby consumers. Also, it is required by the Android system to get this permission
Using a Bluetooth connection, Searmi can quickly find nearby users so that it can connect more efficiently to senders / receivers.


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