shadow guardian hd for android apk game No 1 Best App


shadow guardian hd for android apk game, shadow guardian hd for android apk game No 1 Best App


shadow guardian hd for android apk game Professor Isaac was an evil archaeologist and, along with armed merchants, stole ancient artifacts from the Egyptian Museum. Hunger for his immortality is forcing him to lose his purity You are a member of the Secret Guardian Society, their life mission is to save humanity from great danger. The rickshaw hunter of the ancient lost city plays and protects humanity from the curse.

The professor and his assassins are guarding the ancient city of the Tibetan Valley. The evil scientist is waiting for midnight in an ancient temple on a remote mountain. When the light of the moon brings wonders to ancient art Famous about a mysterious myth or culture temple The person who puts the lost artefacts on the crown will be given immortality Charge enemies with acrobatic guns and attack the lost city and fire a bullet to prevent this madness. Man is forbidden to reveal some myths and mysteries But greed for power and immortality forces him to break the law Wake up as an attacker to steal long-forgotten artifacts from all dangerous nets.

The tomb is well guarded by armed traders in the city’s lost image The Riders flee from the armed guards to search for the temple and disappear. Unlock the mysterious doors and tracks at the ruins of the city’s labrint Ancient civilizations create deadly traps to ward off the onslaught of foreign invaders Stay away from the killer in the dark hours of life, reach the lost temple The industry fulfills its parent-child responsibilities by balancing the good and the bad Stay in the stealth mode like a shinobi inside the ruins of the city from deadly killers. Armed guards on the Sumi side of the mosque are patrolling around the temple. Grave-pack shooting games, graves and temples with invaluable artefacts to stop evil scientists. Steal weapons from enemies such as sniper rifles, attack rifles and automatic pistols. Don’t be insulted and don’t get ready to join hands with dishonesty because enemies compete with gunmen as Shiites. Get up as a warrior from the mission of surviving as a real rickshaw, bringing light to the Secret Guardian Society and protecting man from anger.

*** More secrets and important levels are coming soon with forgotten civilizations ***

Features Features: shadow guardian hd for android apk game

The story of Brahmastra turns by discovering the darkness and darkness of the grave
Close the bullet barrage by charging enemies with acrobatic guns
The best survival game by surviving the death trap and deadly bullets in enemy warfare.
Third-person shooting experience with sniper rifles, assault rifles and automatic pistols.
Save the cycle of monks and members of culture from overturning
It is an endless fun and exciting experience like a burial game
Angry battle with real-time third-person shooting experience

This game will blow your senses if you are a fan of the game of living with the action of a third person action du venture adventure.


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