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‘Sentinel Free VPN’ is a decentralized VPN (dVPN) that approaches client facilitated hubs from the Sentinel Network, presently created on Ethereum (on portable) and Tendermint and Cosmos Network (on work area)

The truth of the matter is that you can never completely confide in outsider VPN suppliers as the encryption and directing conventions are not open-source or provable.

This example of Sentinel Free VPN isn’t completely provable as Google Play doesn’t uncover the application checksum, nonetheless, the engineers behind Sentinel guarantee that this application utilizes a similar code that is straightforwardly appeared on the Sentinel GitHub.

URL: customer android/

Note: This is an Alpha discharge and may have issues on some equipment models. The improvement group urges you to report all issues with the VPN Android customer or different issues identified with OpenVPN’s IPv4 and IPv6 or more.

You can likewise log them on

Sentinel can be followed here:

Site :

Network Chat – Telegram –

Declarations on Telegram –

Significant News and Updates – Twitter –

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