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Sendspace apk Send large files from your Android device via SendSpace service

Completely free, secure and easy way to send and receive photos, videos and big files from your Android device through SendSpace service. Sendspace apk

  • Easily and securely transfer large files from your Android device, computer or other container.
  • Take photos, videos or voice recordings and easily share files, including many recipients.
  • Send files to anyone using a web browser on any device
  • Quickly download large files sent to you via SendSpace
  • Free! No sign-up required Signing up for a free account allows for more file management and storage features.
  • Limit: 300 MB per file for free users, 4 GB for paid users

Permission: Sendspace apk

  • Take cameras, photos and videos and then send them immediately through the app
  • Personal Contact / Contact Contact Allows a contact to send a download notification email to a contact through the SendSpace server.
  • Storage / SD card allows us to save files on SD card
  • Internet, you can’t do much today …


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