Seekers Notes Apk Download 2.9.1 Mod (Money) for Android


Instead of talking about Seekers Notes Apk firstly tell us that Have you heard of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes? He is one of the most successful fictional characters created by detective writer Conan Doyle. At that time, this character became one of the monuments, an idea used by people in many amusement parks to create detective characters.

Seekers Notes Apk, Seekers Notes Apk Download 2.9.1 Mod (Money) for Android
Seekers Notes Apk

Note Seekers ® is a favorite detective story. In the style of an adventure and adventure RPG, it received 5 million downloads on Google Play because of its attractiveness.

About the game

The game is designed with beautiful graphics with high-quality characters. Obviously, they resemble the characters in popular Hollywood movies. It is a world that makes something remarkable. It is a simulated big world, just like the real world. You went on an adventure through different countries.

In each area, there will be designs based on different themes to deliver the right challenge. However, the context of the whole game is a dark place with a source of an evil power that hides many secrets waiting for you.


They tell a beautiful character that should descend on the cursed city of Darkwood! Fate chose him and he could not escape what happened together. It all leads to the streets of the streets where the secrets are hidden but revealed only to the chosen ones.

You have chosen The Magic Map is an artifact that allows its owner to see the secrets surrounding Darkwood. Will you make the city from the curse of the curse? No one can do that for you, so do not waste time. Your war and demons have begun.

Seekers Notes Apk Download

Seekers Notes Apk, Seekers Notes Apk Download 2.9.1 Mod (Money) for Android
Seekers Notes Apk
NameSeekers Notes
Size355 MB
Requires4.4 +
Update1 day ago

The Game Features

Seekers Notes is truly an adventure game with challenges based on a true story. People will play the role of a detective with the unique ability to discover secrets. The first level of the game will challenge you by taking pictures and asking you to find the lost items based on the suggestions given. After seeing the first few things, you will be attracted to a journey that will not escape. There are always challenges for each and they will stimulate the curiosity of the players.

Go on an amazing journey to the cursed city of Darkwood! The dark streets contain many secrets that will only appear in a select few, and you are the one engaged in this work. You are a seeker, the owner of a powerful artifact that is a magic map! It is your destiny to save the city from the oppression of the curse. Don’t miss a minute – start fighting evil now!

FEATURES Of Seekers Notes Apk

1. Beautiful graphics, enticing characters, and unique locations

2. Free Updates: Searches, great locations, and great prices are waiting for you every month

3. A terrifying plot and amazing stories with unexpected twists and turns

4. Amazing puzzles: treasure chests, ghost lighting, mosaics, and antique maps

5. Over 7,400 thrilling searches

6. You can collect more than 920 great collections

7. Amazing music that immerses you in the magical atmosphere of the game

8. Create unique items including fortune tellers, blacksmiths, and inventors

9. Negotiate helpful articles with Darkwood residents

10. Eliminate dangerous monsters and calm the magical creatures

11. Play with your friends!

12. We are 4 years old! Thanks for joining us!

The Final Verdict

Note Seekers is a free game, but some game elements can be purchased for real money. If you do not want to use in-app purchases, turn it off in your device settings. 

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