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Scary teacher game download The story is about a wise girl in her school and a very bad teacher Because these fearful teachers are threatening, punishing, and abusing children. But now, he has come to live in your neighborhood and you are determined to teach him a lesson

How appropriate is revenge? Now is the time for this “frightened teacher” to come up with various plans to rescue his pets You have to do all the missions / tasks in such a way that you are not caught and you can complete them on time.

Known as Miss T, this ugly teacher has 15 rooms in her big house and every room has an unresolved mystery. You have to get pictures of children who were abused and abused, rescued abusive pets, chocolate cakes and chocolates. Remember there is also a “basement” where something is shocking

Here are some of the key features of the game Scary teacher game download

  1. World Style Open Open Interactive House
  2. 15 different rooms and secrets hidden in it
  3. Terrible themes are suitable for children of all ages
  4. Easy control

Let’s see how long you beat this “worry-free teacher”: not too late, enjoy the hottest game of 2019 now!


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