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scan apk onlineInstall the QR Code Reader App to upgrade your smartphone as a QR code scanner from Android.scan apk online

The QR Code Reader App for Android is a lightning fast QR code scanner and barcode scanner app to get promoted through QR code.

To scan the QR code and barcode, just place the QR code and barcode in the middle of the screen. The QR Code Scanner app also automatically encodes the QR code and barcode and displays information with the button for further work. Scan QR code and barcodes and discount more and more promotions and flashcards, you can easily check promotions.

The QR code and barcode can be scanned in seconds from the photos in the gallery. scan apk online

Features of QR Code Reader App for Android

  • Fastest
  • Correct and firm
  • Multiple data types supported
  • WiFi hotspot to connect
  • to find the location
  • With flashlight and flashlight features
  • Supports many types of QRcode
  • Zoom in and out supported
  • Scan QR code and barcode and flashcode from the photo
  • Barcode generator
  • QR code generator


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