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Sc os3 Witness or disaster victim (road accident, fire or crisis or disease) where you have trouble recognizing? Do you no longer have a police emergency number, or a fire brigade? More worrying With the SOS Mobile (SOS System Mobile Part) of the dashboard, you can turn off emergency services in two clicks.

SOS Mobile helps you in emergencies, road accidents or accidents at home or on the road (as a witness or victim) and fire (as a witness or victim yourself). Does With SOS Mobile, your situation is located and sent to the emergency department who will intervene quickly in the event of a disaster and can advise you on real-time first aid before the rescue team arrives. SOS Mobile is currently active in Togo (a West African country)

SOS Mobile is a mobile part of the SOS system which is a special product of Dashcom that develops IT solutions to meet the real needs of the population.


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