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Sarahah apk Sirah, this is a platform for friends to receive your anonymous messages and feedback, to let people know how you look and what they think of you.

  • Fertilizer application features:

Receive anonymous messages in secret and security. Sarahah apk

Learn about your benefits, challenges and what people think of you

Respond to incoming messages in public

Show the public the messages that come to see everyone

Improve your personality by knowing the truth from hypocrisy. Sarahah apk

  • How to use the whole app:

1 – Download the app on your phone

2 – Login with one of the available methods

3 – Then you will get a unique link for your account

4 – Share your link on the network and among your friends

5 – You will then receive an unknown message from friends and you will be notified when a new message arrives.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us via the following email: Sarahah apk


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