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Sansfe app SAN CLM enables sales representatives to present ideas and products in an interactive way without the need for computers. Will be able to report on the MRI iPad and all MIS reports will be created automatically based on the DCR. IPads can be synchronized with automatically generated documents, pictures, presentations, brochures, forms, and videos and can be tracked centrally.

Interactions with doctors are more creative, personalized, and interactive medical! Influence your partner with personal, prosperous and interactive medical content. Track every work of the digital details process to improve the target with improved analytics. Wise marketing is an integrated strategy that promotes continuous improvement and implementation for continuous improvement.

SAN CLM Unique Module. Sansfe app

GEO tagging
Geo Fencing
I have
To investigate
Rcpa analysis
BI devices
Auto synchronization

Sunlight Highlight

Mutual presentation
Effective planning and tracking
Live Insight and Analytics
Interactive Dashboard
Before and after the call analysis
Customized MIS Report
Consumer friendly


Game Apk

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