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Sand balls game app download One ball!

Turn right, now a little left, and right rather than more empty space, so the ball can move and in the end … yes! Catch it! Sand balls game app download

Make sure you pay attention and be realistic – it’s not just ordinary football or volleyball. It’s still a game, but with a sand ball! Have you seen anything before?

Although it is made of sand, it is not as yellow as you might expect What color do you think sand can be? ରେ Orange, green, pink, purple, blue, and rainbow and then many other colors! Your imagination will really fly! Sand balls game app download

Why do you need to collect this sand ball?

The first reason is “just for fun”, and that’s absolutely true Why not? After a busy day, everyone deserves a break, and they know how to play this game! Simple work, and fresh and cool design, there are hundreds of levels of different types of work – games so you can have a lot of fun in your free time. Sand balls game app download

The second reason is strategy The app provides a clever puzzle where you have to think carefully to beat the level: Put the colorful balls in the truck and move to a wonderful island in the middle.

What is it

Now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground The game is organized from a plot point of view This means that while you play, you will be given challenging goals and inspiring missions such as repairing buildings and advancing the overall infrastructure of the beautiful island. Sand balls game app download

To add, collecting the ball will relax after a long time and at the same time improve your rational thinking. Press the button and download!

Additional interest bubbles have been received

⚈ Gold whether they open boxes with various surprises or money

Roads and other roadblocks It’s not walking in the park!
It is a secret weapon that can destroy all balls (You can restart the level.)
The routes are long and varied They look like real puzzles Which path will you choose? Try to get lost!
The Special System is a special white bubble It is well known

Make sure you discover all the effects … and go quickly! Your first truck is coming! Don’t miss the opportunity to build an island!

P. s. Or maybe not an incredible island, but many


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