Samsung gallery apk No 1 Best App


Samsung gallery apk The Samsung Gallery is the best application for viewing images and videos that works for Galaxy users.
You can quickly and quietly view your images and videos through the Samsung Gallery, which is used and recognized at the all-India level on Galaxy smartphones.

Samsung gallery apk

In addition, enhanced security helps protect your images and videos, you can enjoy your images and videos anywhere from Cloud Sync with Sign In. Account, if Samsung Gallery is installed With the updated app, you can easily feel the freshness of the newly launched Galaxy B feature. Update the Samsung Gallery and now enjoy images and videos in a smart way.

And depending on the country and equipment, some features are not available.

An application service requires the following permission
For the sake of artistic license, the default service of the service is ongoing, but not allowed.

[Required permission]

  • Storage: Used to save, load, edit, delete images and videos.

[Artistic permission]

  • Telephone: Samsung Cloud is used to verify device-specific identity information.
  • Communication: Used to get contact information when adding name tags to people
  • Location: Used to provide current location information when editing location information


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