How do I sample voices in Waze?


Can voices be added to Waze?

Start the Waze app on your phone or tablet. Tap the speaker icon in the bottom-right corner to get to the sound settings. Click the “Waze Voice” button. Press the button that says “Record new voice” at the top of the page.

sample waze voices, How do I sample voices in Waze?
sample waze voices

How do I add different voices to Waze?

By clicking on “Waze Voice,” you can see a list of voices that users can add to Waze. Tap the speaker icon in the bottom right corner to do this. The list of voice packages that can be downloaded changes from time to time, but there are always a lot of choices.

How do you get Morgan Freeman’s voice on Waze?

You can now get the voice of Morgan Freeman on your GPS.

To have Morgan Freeman narrate your drive like he did in The Shawshank Redemption and The March of the Penguins, open the Waze app, go to Settings, click Voice Language, and choose “Morgan Freeman.”

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How do you get Jeremy Clarkson on Waze?

To use it, go to the settings for Waze, tap “Voice language,” and then choose “English (US) – Clarkson, Hammond, and May.” Users will be able to use the new voice files until early February, when the promotion ends.

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